If you are interested in creating an email account, an account on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., or if you need to make a payment with PayPal and do not know how to create an account, do not worry….

In Loginto.net we will show you:

  • How to connect securely.
  • How to easily create an account.
  • How to move and take the first steps.
  • How to recover a lost password. Recovering an account.
  • You will also learn how to unsubscribe from an account if you wish.

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Here is a small summary of what you can find at Loginto.net


Create an account – How to fill out the form with the required information – Login – Recover password – How to download and activate Airbnb to your mobile phone.


How Amazon works and how to create an Amazon account and log in to buy – Advantages and Disadvantages – How to change or recover your password – How to log in to Amazon Prime.


Create Facebook account – Login – Password recovery – Advantages of Facebook – Mobile Facebook (Android, iPhone, iOS).


The search engine of the Internet par excellence – Related Services (YouTube, Google Mail, Google Maps) – How to create an account to use all available services.


How to connect to Hotmail – Features – How to connect to OneDrive – Create an account – Access the Outlook page – How to restore your account.


Why is it so important? – Create a secure account – The registration form – Security questions – Enter your confirmation code correctly – iCloud homepage – How to recover your password – Use iCloud to store files.


Steps to create an account – Password recovery – Instagram and its interaction with other social networks – Instagram for Android and iOS.

Office 365

To download Office 365 and choose a user ID or ID with the appropriate password – Login – Recover Password – Advantages and disadvantages of using Microsoft Office 365.


What is PayPal – How PayPal works and how to set up a PayPal account – Advantages – Disadvantages – How to pay – How much it costs to get and pay money – How to recover or change your password.


Point for and against Rediffmail – How to connect – Create an address – How to create your account and log in – Password – Rediffmail for mobile devices.


Steps to connect to your computer or smartphone – Installation and connection.

WhatsApp Web

Advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp Web service – How to connect and log in – Functions and features – What you need to log in to WhatsApp Web.

Yahoo Mail

Advantages and disadvantages of Yahoo mail – How to connect to any email address like Gmail, Aol, Hotmail – Create an address – How to create your account and connect – Password – Applications for mobile devices – How to synchronize with your email contacts.


Learn how to log in to software that uses half the world for calls and video calls, available for both PCs and mobile devices.


Learn how to log in to the best multi-platform streaming music playback apps – Connect via Facebook, troubleshoot problems and recover your password. Spotify for mobile devices (Android / iOS).

iTunes Store

Learn how to sign in to the iTunes Store, Apple’s online digital content store – Create an account – Retrieve your password. iTunes Store for Windows / Mac.


Learn how to register for Prezi, the presentation program with which you can share and explore ideas for a cloud-based virtual document – How to register and log in – How to recover your password if you have trouble accessing Prezi.


The Internet search engine par excellence – With several related services (YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps) – How to create an account and access to use all available services.

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