Amazon Login [ 2020 ]

Shopping online has become a routine in many people’s lives. The fears of data leaks, the loss of information or the constant threat of these supposed pirates who can take advantage of your bank account data to take advantage of your money are something that has disappeared almost completely thanks to the evolution of systems that has only reinforced and guaranteed the security of its users.

Of course, convenience for the buyer and the variety of the catalog are also two points of special interest when talking about the expansion of this form of trade. The main responsible for all this has been Amazon. The famous company founded by Jeff Bezos is the great reference of electronic commerce, extending its services to almost every home on the planet thanks to a huge offer and irresistible prices.

Enjoying their services is something that more and more people are doing, but it requires the creation and entry into a user profile. Here, we’re going to explain everything that this last aspect involves, figuring out how to login to Amazon step by step. A guide full of information and details so you can connect and start enjoying all the advantages of this platform that does nothing but gain in popularity.


Video – How to create Amazon account

How to Amazon login

In addition to explaining how to connect through the PC or apps for smartphones and tablets with the Amazon application, we also clarify some solutions to the most common problems when it comes to login, or the option to implement two-step verification to make access much more secure and avoid all problems of impersonation.

To login to your Amazon account you need to follow a list of simple steps. Although it is something that can be done from different devices, both per browser and per app, the process is similar in both cases.

www amazon com login from the computer or desktop

Through your web browser, go to the main page of this online store. To do this, go to the address bar at the top and enter the following URL:

  • Once inside on the right of your screen at the top pass and leave the mouse on “Hello. Identify yourself. Account and Lists” a drop-down submenu will open headed by the “Sign in” button, click on it.
amazon associates login
  • On this new page, start by typing either the email address of your profile or the mobile phone number you registered. After doing so, click “Continue”.
amazon affiliate login
  • Afterwards, another field will appear to fill in with the access password. When you are finished, click on “Login”.
  • You are now logged in to your Amazon account!

Amazon app login (Android / iOS)

amazon login my account

Logging into Amazon through the Android App or iOS is done in the following way:

  • Download the “Amazon shopping” application. To do this, go to Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store, search for it and install it.
  • When you have it, open it by clicking on its icon.
  • The home screen that appears has three different options. You only have to choose the first one: “Are you already a client? Login“.
  • Now, fill in the first field with the email address of your account or with the phone number you assigned and click “Continue”.
  • After that, do the same with the access code in the next field and, this time, press “Login”.
  • The connection to your Amazon profile from the app is now complete. Ready!

How to change Amazon password

If you have forgotten your password, you cannot login to your Amazon profile unless you reset it. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Amazon website through your browser with the URL indicated above
  • Go to the login section as usual and, when you get to the field where you enter the email or phone number, click on the “Need help?” option below.
  • In the drop-down list, click on the first section that opens: Forgot password
amazon password reset
  • Enter in the new field the mail or your number to identify yourself. Click on “Continue”.
Forgot amazon password and email
  • In the new page that comes up, since we want to reset the key, we leave the first option checked (“Enter a new password”) and click on “Continue”. If you only want to enter temporarily, mark the second one.
change amazon password
  • Look at your e-mail, you will have received a code that you have to enter in the new space that appears on the Amazon website to confirm your identity.
  • Now, enter your new password (minimum 6 characters), re-enter it and click “Save changes”. Password retrieved!

I can’t log in to my Amazon account

If you can’t login to your Amazon account, either because you don’t remember your email address, the linked number or simply because the platform won’t let you access despite entering the data correctly, you have a possible solution within its website. Here we explain how to access and what to do:

  • Access the Amazon website naturally, through the URL entered in your usual browser.
  • Go to the login section, as if you were going to login, and enter it.
  • Now, instead of indicating an email or number, click on “Need help?”, a small drop-down will open.
  • In it, click on the option “Other issues with sign in“. You will be redirected to another section of the portal.
www amazon login
  • In this one, under the first point “How can we help you in”, you have a box that opens when you click. Click and choose the option “I can’t login in my account”.
amazon account login
  • Afterwards, a small text will be opened with several indications, although the most usual thing is that you are recommended to contact the team through the number +91180030001593. Another option also available below is to send an e-mail through the button “Send us an e-mail“.
  • Contact us and indicate your problem clearly, the Amazon service will help you to log in.

How to Amazon Prime login

  • First we log into
  • Once in Indian Amazon we go to the top of your screen and click on “Try Prime“.
  • You will be redirected to the prime registration page. We now click on “Login in to join Prime“.
amazon prime video login
  • You will be redirected to the login form of your Amazon account.
  • Once inside your account you only have to confirm that you want to register in Prime and you will have the opportunity to try it for free during one month.