Login to EPFO

It will ask you to make your own password and ID to select for yourself when you log in the first time. The EPFO website is very simple and convenient to use; it will only ask you to create your data!

This portal avoids the need for you to wait for your year-end EPF receipts to know your current EPF balance.

The website is very clever, as you can access the EPFO member portal at any time if you register your details, after which you can easily view all your accounts online. You will also receive an SMS on your mobile phone when your e-passbook is available.

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Government of India.

The services offered by EPFO are listed below:

  • Employee Provident Fund Scheme (1952)

Those establishments with a staff of 20 or more are protected by this scheme once retired, the employee will receive a total sum which is the sum of the contribution of the employee and the employer, plus supplementary interest on both amounts.

  • Employee Deposit Insurance Plan (1976)

This plan applies to all employees who are enrolled in the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and, in addition, in the Employee Pension Plan (EPS). Monetary benefits under this plan will be paid to family members (dependents), the employee, or the person chosen after the death of the employee enrolled in the plan.

  • Employee Pension Plan (1995)

The contribution to this plan is made by the employer and the government on the basis of the employee’s salary. The cash benefit is given in the form of a pension to the employee for as long as the employee is alive. After death, the benefit is paid to the spouse and two children (only if they are under 25 years of age).

How to log in to the EPFO member portal [EPFO employee login]

To enter the EPFO member portal, you have to follow the steps below:

  • You have to open the Employee Provident Fund member.
  • Fill in the information requested on the main page for registration.
  • You have to make sure that you enter the valid document type, as you will have to log in to the portal using the same data you provided. After registering, you will be able to log in to EPFO. For example, if you want to register in the portal using your PAN card, you have to select the PAN number located in the “Select any document” tab and enter your PAN card number.
  • Don’t forget to check the details before you send them in to get your PIN number.
  • Once you submit your details, you will receive an authorization PIN.
  • Afterwards, you have to enter the authorisation PIN, and it will then register you.

If you follow the steps described above, you will be able to open the members’ portal by entering specific data, such as mobile phone number, document type and number, and successfully downloading “your EPF Card” from the website.

EPFO Login

Fig. 1: EPFO member login page, where registered users have to log in to the portal using their username, password and the Captcha code.

Member ID details

Fig. 1.1: After logging into the portal, you will see their registered user IDs in your UAN located in the left column of the screen. By clicking on the members’ IDs, you will be able to check the EPF balance of the various savings books related to the different employers.

One Employee – One EPF Account

EPFO has a unique service known as an Employee to Employee EPF account that gives employees the ability to merge all their EPF accounts. You can even combine your previous EPF accounts.

You can do this by moving funds from your previous EPF accounts to your current EPF account, which is linked to your Universal Account Number (UAN). The beautiful thing about this system is that you can enjoy the consolidation of various accounts and monitor all accounts together without any confusion.

This simplicity has been set in motion because the EPF is a long-term social security scheme. EPFO wants employees to have a concrete account that can be sustained throughout their career. It was introduced in order to address the issue of the existence of various non-operational EPF accounts.

As an EPF member, you can transfer funds from your previous accounts to your current account using an employee’s EPF unit of account, and an employee with your UAN login. In addition, you can transfer funds online through the Online Transfer Claims Portal (OTCP).

Technical assistance from EPFO UAN

A subscriber can use the portal services by registering on the helpdesk portal and providing certain data, such as the UAN, Aadhar and PAN numbers. The helpdesk assists with most EPF and UAN issues.

EPFO for Employers Login [EPFO employer login]

EPFO has also developed an independent system to help employers pass on claims in a more convenient and efficient manner. The procedure for employers to access the EPFO unified portal login is the same as for employees.

Employers must have a UAN that has been registered and activated on the EPFO portal. To log in and use the services, employers must use their UAN as the user ID and password they created at the time of activation.

Among many other services, online services for employers include registering a new establishment, objecting to ECR payments, creating EPF accounts for employees, and accrediting EPF claims.