ESIC Login [ 2020 ]

“ESIC” is an autonomous entity under the Ministry of Labour of the Government of India, its acronym stands for State Employees Insurance Corporation. This body is responsible for defraying the costs of the State Employee Insurance Scheme (ESI), which is health insurance for all workers in India.

This body offers social insurance to all workers in the sector, covering cases of illness, disability (temporary or permanent), maternity, death in an accident at work.

The ESIC portal is governed by the rules established by law (ESI / 1948) which is responsible for managing social insurance funds for workers. This law is implemented in all those companies or businesses that have more than 10 employees, currently the ESI is covering several million workers.


If you are an employer your contribution will be 4.75% and if you are a worker you have to contribute 1.75% to the ESI. All employees earning less than 21,000 Rs/month are eligible. Workers earning less than the average minimum wage will be exempt from paying their quota.

How to ESIC registration login

You have to keep in mind that if you are an employer and you are under the Law you have 15 days to register.

Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a unique 17-digit code for yourself, as an employer you will not need to re-register for the different branches located throughout the country, you will only need to obtain a subcode for the different branches located outside your main regional office.

To register we have to do is to go to the official website “Esic portal employer login” if you can not access, copy and paste the URl address in your browser (

Esic employer login

The employer, once obtained the 17-digit employer code can now Esic online login and register all its employees from the moment of hiring.

After the hiring of the worker you must register and register him in the ESI, we will ask for your personal data (Name, address, if you have children, in which dispensary you want to receive medical treatment, etc).

Once the registration is made, the worker is assigned a personal and unique insurance number, this number will from now on always be the same even if the worker changes jobs.

Once the registration is done, a Temporary Identity Card (TIC) is created that will be valid for 3 months from the date of registration, from that moment the worker has to apply and register to obtain the Pehchan card.

How to www esic in employeeportal login aspx

  • We have to go to the official “esic login page ” También puedes entrar copiando y pegando el siguiente enlace en tu navegador
  • You can register with your username and password or with your Employer Code by clicking “Sign up”.
  • If you decide to log in by clicking “Sign up” this is the screen that will appear. Fields marked with a red asterisk mean that they are mandatory. When you have finished entering all the data correctly, click on “Submit”.
  • As soon as you have completed the registration process you can log in to Esic. ►

When the employee’s registration is complete, he will be able to access the “Esic employee portal login” with his insurance number or username and password to find out in detail all about his contributions paid on his behalf by the employer, consult the rights to benefits offered by the ESIC and much more.

Video – How to login ESIC IP Portal and uses for Employer