Sign in to Hotmail [ 2020 ]

Hotmail is one of the oldest email services on the Internet and was indeed one of the most popular in its early days.

Its development is due to the fact that it belonged to MSN, the site of the first decade of 2000.

Undoubtedly, the simple and practical interface was also a positive aspect.


Hotmail Features

As mentioned earlier, Hotmail, now Outlook, is another major Internet portal that has evolved continuously and successfully to provide the best possible service to its users.

In fact, among its most important features, we can mention:

  • The ability to edit the inbox user interface and change the colour to a number of attractive tones.
  • For many years, Microsoft and Hotmail accounts have been recognized by Messenger’s instant messaging service. Over time it has been integrated into Hotmail’s inbox and now you can connect to Skype and make video calls directly from the site.
  • It has a built-in search engine with multiple search criteria that you can specify when you use them. It lets you find those very old emails or emails you just don’t get but still know are stored in your inbox.
  • As expected, it has a spam mailbox where you can store emails with suspicious senders, spam, advertisements for pages you have subscribed to, etc., depending on how you configured it.
  • With the Hotmail account, you can sign in and use Microsoft’s attached service called OneDrive, which allows you to securely store your photos, videos, documents and other files and organize them by date, topic and folder.

Create a Hotmail account


In order to use all the services mentioned in the previous section, it is essential to create a Hotmail account.

This will allow us to access the Outlook page, check our emails, send messages and upload files to OneDrive, among other things.

Although this may seem boring to many, the process is simple and consists simply of filling out a standard form with our personal information, just like registering on another website.

That’s why we’ll introduce you to the process step by step below:

  1. The first step is to access the Hotmail homepage. You can do this by clicking on the link below to create your account.
  2. There we click on the button “Create free account”, which will take us to a window with a box in which we have to specify the email to be created.
  3. After you have specified the desired email on the right, you can click on the arrow that displays a menu to select your domain from, or After you have specified it, click on the “Next” button below the field.
  4. We will then be redirected to a window where we will have to enter the password that we will later use to connect to Hotmail. After creating the password, click “Next”.
  5. As expected, to create a Hotmail account, you will need to enter your first and last name in the Back Window. After entering your name in the appropriate fields, click “Next”.
  6. In the next window, enter the country you are in and your date of birth in the corresponding fields.
  7. As expected, Hotmail will ask you to enter a security code to confirm that you are a human being, not a robot trying to create a Hotmail account. After entering it, click the “Next” button.

After you have completed all these steps, we have successfully created our account on the Hotmail platform. With the email address and password we provide, we can connect to the site and use all its services.

If you want to know how to do this, read the next section.

Hotmail login


Once we have created our Hotmail account, we will be able to use the email services and all features.

To do this, you will need to connect to the data you entered during registration.

Here we explain step by step how to do this:

  1. First we go to the Outlook homepage. As already mentioned, a window appears with a special login box.
  2. Enter, or in the corresponding field and click on the “Next” button below.
  3. Afterwards a window appears with the e-mail address specified in the previous step and below it a field, in which you must enter the appropriate password. After you have completed it, click the “Login” button in Hotmail.
  4. If the password is correct, we can then see our Outlook Inbox and navigate through the various options.

As you may have noticed, connecting to Hotmail is very easy and fast, and all you need is your email address on the platform and the password you provided when you registered.

Video – How to login Hotmail account updated 100% working

Recovering a Hotmail account

However, we have all forgotten at least once the password with which we access a particular website, and of course one of the most alarming situations is precisely in relation to our email.

Fortunately, Outlook has also thought about this and offers the possibility to restore a Hotmail account by following the simple steps described below:

  1. Again, we need to go to the Hotmail main page, where we see the login window with our email address.
  2. Enter your email address in the appropriate field and click “Next”.
  3. The next screen to appear is the window with the specified e-mail, in which we are prompted to enter the appropriate password. Since in this case we have problems connecting to Hotmail, we click on “Forgot my password”.
  4. This will take us to a screen where we see: “Recover your account”. You will then need to enter your email account. Once you have entered it, click “Next”.
  5. Now you will be redirected to a window where you have three options: Send an email to the alternate email address you provided by sending a message to your phone number or checking the last box that indicates that you do not have any of this information: Once you have decided, click “Next”.
  6. For example, if you choose to retrieve an alternative email, the system will send a security code to the email account you specified. Once you have found this code, simply enter it in the field below and click the “Next” button.
  7. You will now be redirected to a window where you must select and enter your new password. Choose a password with at least 8 characters, including upper and lower case. Once you have selected it, click “Next”.

If you do all these steps correctly, you can easily restore your Hotmail account.

As you may have noticed, none of the steps described so far is too difficult to perform.

We hope this tutorial has helped you create your account, log in, or restore your Hotmail account as needed.