ICICI Bank Login [ 2020 ]

In India, ICICI Bank is the largest bank within the private sector. It was originally promoted by ICICI Limited in 1994 and is now based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

ICICI provides financial and banking services to corporate and retail clients. It has managed to meet the needs of its clients, and has also proven to be outstanding in all areas related to financial matters, be it a loan, an investment or a simple account.

Below is a list of the services and products offered by ICICI Bank.

  • ICICI Bank Auto Loan.
  • ICICI Bank Business Loan.
  • ICICI Bank Educational Loan.
  • ICICI Personal Loan.
  • ICICI Gold Loan.
  • ICICI Bank Loan Against Property.
  • ICICI Bank Mortgage Loan.
  • ICICI Debit Card.
  • Bank Credit Card ICICI.
  • ICICI Fees FD Bank.
  • ICICI Bank Savings Account.

Login to ICICI Bank Internet Banking

With ICICI Bank Internet Banking, you can manage your finances safely and conveniently from your home or office. To start using Internet Banking, all you need is your user ID and password.


If you’ve opened an account at ICICI, you’ll see your Internet Banking user ID and password in the welcome kit provided when you opened your account.

If you have forgotten your user ID or password and registered a mobile phone number, you can get your user ID instantly on your mobile phone number, so you can set a new password online.

However, if you do not have a mobile number registered, you can go to your nearest ICICI bank branch or go to their customer service to ask for your user ID or password.


  • If you are currently using your password and want to request a new one, the old password will expire.
  • In addition, you can request a password by speaking to their customer service, and within 7 working days, they will send it to your postal address.
  • You can also ask for your user ID by talking to their customer service. You can authenticate yourself at the IVR by entering the 16-digit debit card number and the 4-digit ATM PIN.

How to log in to your ICICI Bank Internet Banking account

  1. Call ICICI Customer Service, log in and select the “Self Banking” option to get your User ID.
  2. Instantly create your online password. You can do so at the following link (click here).
  3. Log in with your user ID and password to access your ICICI credit card details at any time.

How to get your User ID through Self Banking?

  1. Call ICICI customer service and choose the language option.
  2. Choose option two (2), for the credit card.
  3. Enter a sixteen (16) digit credit card number and a four (4) digit PIN number.
  4. View your credit card balance and choose Personal Banking option 1.
  5. Select option one (1) to view the user ID.
  6. Select option three (3) to regenerate your User ID.

Some features of your Internet Banking account

  • View your current balance.
  • View past statements.
  • Verify unbilled statement.
  • Top up prepaid mobiles.
  • Pay utility bills.
  • As many options.

And here we are, now we know how to log in to ICICIBank.com with your credit card.

Video – How to login for the first time and set password & user ID in ICICI Internet Banking? (Hindi)