Instagram Login [ 2020 ]

Have you ever heard of the famous photo application? We present it here, a well-known social network that competes with other companies such as Twitter or Facebook.

More and more questions are being asked, with innovative ideas; we’re talking about Instagram. But what is so special about others?

This social network allows you to have a complete photo album that you can share with other users, they can comment on it or indicate that they like it.


In addition, it can integrate the famous filters, allowing a greater variety when downloading our photos.

No doubt you can have a complete profile in which you can express your life only with images; and with the new features of this application you can also download short videos.

How to create Instagram account

With these simple steps, we will show you how to create an account for this social network, which we assure you will be very appreciative.

We remind you that this application is focused on photography, if you are interested, then let’s start.

  • Go to the official Instagram website, here we leave you a link to create your Instagram account.
  • Once on the main page, click on the “Sign in” link.
create new instagram account
  • When you enter the link, we will show you a small form where we first enter our email, it is important that this email our main email, because we will receive all the notifications in it. Then we will enter our full name, then we will enter our username. Now we enter our password; don’t forget to write a password that contains signs, letters and numbers to make it more secure. Once all the data has been completed, and after verifying this information, we proceed to press the “Next” button.
how to create a page on instagram

Finally, you will be able to enjoy all the services when you have an account for this application. Don’t forget to configure your profile so that other users can easily identify you and the same application can recommend you to people you may know.

Video – How to create Instagram account on Android mobile phone

How to Instagram login

After registering an Instagram account, we can now access our profile by following the steps below.

  • We will access the Instagram home page by clicking on the following link to login to Instagram.
  • Now, in this form, we will enter our email or user, then type the password and click on the “Login” button.

Thanks to these simple steps, you can use this application without any problem, and you will have the possibility to create your photo album as you wish.

Instagram login with Facebook

This image communication service application, which expands more and more, all the information we share in our Instagram profile, will also rely on the addresses of other social networks, extending our information to other networks.

It is also important to know that we can access this network with a Google or Facebook account, thus facilitating any procedure for using this application.

  • Clicking on “Log in whit Facebook” will redirect us to our Facebook home page, we log in as usual to our account (we enter our email and password) and you will automatically log in to Instagram with your facebook account.

How to recover your Instagram password

Do you have a problem with your Instagram account? We show you here how to recover your password in case you have forgotten it.

Remember that after following these instructions, be a little more careful in managing your instagram account.

  • We will access the Instagram home page with the link provided above, then click on the link that says “Forgot password
forgot password instagram
  • Then, when we have accessed the link, we will see a small form where we will enter our email, with which we will register our account and click on the “Send Login lingk” button.
instagram login online
  • Now, we will receive a message to our email with a link to reset our password; when we click on the link, it will take us to a form where we will indicate our new password, and then we will confirm by typing the password again. Once the system has validated that the password is correct, click on the “Reset Password” button.
  • After following these steps, we can log in quietly and come back to enjoy the services this application offers us.

Open Instagram on the mobile

This network can also be found in Android and iOS mobile devices, for this reason, we will always be connected to the same one, sharing our information dynamically with our intelligent devices.

Instagram for Android APK

  • Access the Play Store via an Android mobile device.
  • Check the compatibility of the application with your mobile device. If it is compatible and available, click on the “Install” button to start downloading the application.
  • Once downloaded, the installation will start automatically, and you can enjoy its services.
login instagram for-android

Download Instagram for Android

Instagram iOS

  • Use the link below to access the App Store using an iOS device.
  • Click on the download button and enter your Apple ID to validate the process. Remember that download times may vary depending on the Internet connection. For this reason, it is recommended to use a nearby Wi-Fi network.
  • Once the download is successful, you can start installing Instagram.
instagram plus ios

Instagram download iOS

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