LinkedIn Login India [ 2020 ]

There are many social networks, although most of them always have an idle character. If you log on to Facebook, it’s usually to chat with friends or family, upload a couple of photos and watch some video. If you do the same on Twitter, the objective doesn’t vary much, and if you enter Instagram, it’s because you want to share a nice snapshot or take a look to see what those you follow are saying.

But it is also possible to use a social network for professional purposes, and that is the case with www linkedin login. This portal was born in May 2003, although it had been in the making since 2002, and it was a huge impact.

Already in 2011 it went public after surpassing the figure of 27 million registered users and with thousands of companies belonging to nearly 200 different sectors. It was a revolution that brought the concept of social networks closer to employment.

linkedin com login

If you know how to login to Linkedin India, you also know what it’s like to log in. It’s a window to contact family, college or schoolmates and, of course, to establish links with companies looking for jobs; in fact, they can contact you directly if they like the resume about you.

If, on the other hand, you don’t know what needs to be done to log in, here we are going to explain it to you so that you can take advantage of all its potential.

Video – How to sign up for LinkedIn & fill In your profile

Steps for LinkedIn login in my account

This guide explains everything that needs to be done to connect, although it is quite simple, as well as remedies some of the problems that most often occur among first-time users. You may forget a password or even that necessary email to enter the platform when you have already registered. Fortunately, all that is here with the most effective remedies out there.

The steps for Linkedin login new account are different depending on the type of device from which you want to access; although they also have several similar features that reinforce how easy it is to login to the platform. In this section we are going to explain all the processes that need to be done whether you want to enter from your PC or from a mobile phone or tablet (Android/iOS) through the official application. Pay attention to login according to the case that corresponds to you:

www linkedin com login in your desktop

To access Linkedin from your computer or PC, the following process requires you to connect to the Internet using a browser. As we explain below, step by step, is something that only requires a few seconds:

  • Enter the Linkedin India home page. Open the web browser you use and in the address bar, enter this URL:
  • Once on the main screen, a registration form appears directly to create a new profile. Instead of entering it, go up a little on the page and you will see two fields with a button called “Login” on your right. Fill them in by first entering your email address and, in the second, your password, to enter we click on “Sign in“.
  • When you do, you will enter your user profile directly. It is possible that a pop-up window will appear asking about possible offers of interest or users who want to connect. From here you can control everything and take advantage of LinkedIn. You’re already in!

Sign in from Linkedin app for the Android or iOS mobile

linkedin jobs login

Users of mobile phones and tablets have at their disposal a native application, valid in both Android and iOS, from which to manage everything related to LinkedIn with great ease. To login, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Download the app directly from the links above and install it.
  2. Now, when the installation process is complete. Open the app that is already in the memory of your device through its icon.
  3. You will see, in the main screen, several options available to register a new profile. Ignore them and scroll down to the bottom to click on the third, “Sign in”.
  4. At this point, you will be taken to the login form. It is possible that a pop-up screen will appear with several email proposals to introduce, previously registered in your phone. You can ignore them or choose the one that corresponds to your user. When you fill in the email field, go down to the password field and type it in (respect upper and lower case if there are any) and click on the button to advance.
  5. You are now in your Linkedin user profile. You may see several options related to the small details to configure to have it ready or other messages aimed at explaining various functions of the application. You have the option to pay attention to them or ignore them to use the app freely. Ready!

Note: In either of these two variants, you may have some kind of inconvenience when accessing your LinkedIn account. In the following section we will go into detail with the most common questions and solutions that currently exist for this type of situation.

F.A.Q: Problems with LinkedIn login page

Despite being a fairly simple platform when it comes to connecting, there can always be problems with accessing or log in to Linkedin. In this section of the guide we are going to solve the inconveniences that can arise both by forgetting the password and the email with which you access.

Forgot password? find out how to recover my Linkedin account password

If you do not remember your password to enter Linkedin, follow these steps that we explain to you to enter without any problem:

  • Enter the Linkedin homepage through your web browser.
  • Now, instead of filling in any form, notice that at the top right there is a small section called “Forgot password?” Click on it to enter the section with which you can recover your access.
  • In the field that now appears you have two options: you can choose to write the email with which you accessed Linkedin or use a phone number that you had previously linked to your profile. We will proceed with the email and then click on “Find account”.
  • Go to your inbox now. In it you will find a Linkedin message related to the recovery of your profile. Enter it and, once inside, click on the extensive link that appears. Don’t give it too much time, because after 24 hours it expires and you would have to start from scratch…
  • After you have done the previous step, you will be in a new section of the social network, oriented to set a new password. Fill in the two fields with your new password, remembering that it must have a minimum of 8 characters and at least one number or a special character. After this, click on “Send”.
  • You can start using your Linkedin after logging in. Write down your new password and don’t give it to anyone.

I forgot my LinkedIn account email. How do I retrieve it?

It is possible to recover access to your Linkedin account if you have forgotten your email address or if you cannot access your email address, so you will not be able to send yourself a message from Linkedin with the link to recover your account. Then to access your account you will have to verify your identity.

  • First of all, go directly to the retrieval form from here.
  • Start by typing in the new email address. Enter it in the two fields to confirm it completely and make sure there are no errors.
  • Then, choose the country that issued your document identifier and choose any of the three options. Let’s proceed with “Passport” for example.
  • After this, you have to take a photo of your document from both the front and back and upload them in the places that now appear in the browser. When you do, click on “Send”.
  • The rest is to wait until the Linkedin team makes the necessary checks in order to validate the process. In 24 hours it is possible that you can login again in your profile with this new mail that you have established.