Login to Office 365 [ 2020 ]

It is not surprising to today’s Internet users that Microsoft is one of the companies that owns many of the most widely used services.

On this occasion we will talk about Microsoft Office 365, which today is none other than one of the most widely used services. It is a payment service that ranges from a monthly payment plan to a one-off payment for one year of service in both cases.

In the Microsoft Office 365 Login you will find common programs for daily use, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. The service has two types of subscriptions, either for individuals or for companies, the one that offers more services and whose price is higher.


So, if the user is a student or entrepreneur and wants to know how to connect to Office 365, read the following, we will briefly explain it in this article.

Download Connection with Office 365

Creating an account in this service is not as complex as it seems, so we will show you later.

Steps to create an account with Office 365 Personal – Family:

  • To begin, go to the official Microsoft website, this action can be performed by clicking the following link (Office Portal 365) to log in and create an Office 365 account.
  • On the Home screen, click the “Buy Office 365” option that you find.
  • Next, we’ll find an interface where you can show the user the different plans they can purchase and how they can pay for them. In this case it will be necessary to select the preference option and continue.
  • Once you have selected the plan, the account is created in which you must enter the required data: First name, last name, e-mail address and telephone number. If it is a company subscription, you will also be asked for the name of the latter.
  • Once you have entered all the necessary data, you must select a user ID or ID with the appropriate password and proceed.
  • Finally, you must provide a phone number to ensure that you are a person and not a robot; this is done for security reasons.

One factor to consider is that when you are on the screen that displays the various Office 365 plans, you can change the location to change the type of currency in which you will purchase the service.

After these steps, you would have already created your Office 365 portal account, but you will need to make some adjustments to complete your purchase, for example, if your account is a business, you will need to enter the details of the address where the services will be used to calculate the prices and availability of the services.

Note that the processes for both types of accounts, corporate and student, are relatively similar, and both must enter the actual data and location of the user.

On the other hand, many services in South American countries are limited if you come from one of these countries and at the time of purchasing your license were in a country that was registered and paid for in that country’s currency, no matter where in the world you are, your account is your account and you can use it anywhere.

Office 365 login

Once you have received the account with the type of services you want, connecting to Office 365 is very easy by following these steps:

  1. The first step to connecting to Microsoft Office 365 is to visit the home page by clicking the link below to connect to open Office 365.
  2. Once you’re on the page, you’ll need to enter your previously created user ID and passwords to proceed.

Once you have done this, you will be connected so that you have access to the functions of the service.

Video – Sign in to Office 365 and stay signed in

Recover Office 365 password

Something very common is to forget the passwords of our accounts, but this service is a paid service, so without the password, users would not be able to use the services they paid for.

But for the security of users, restoring the Office 365 password is easy, as long as they have registered with all their real data.

Below is a step-by-step guide to recovering your Office 365 account password:

  • To get started, you’ll need to go to the Microsoft Office 365 sign-in page, as we’ve told you.
  • Enter your email address in the appropriate field and click “Next”.
  • The next screen that appears is the window with the e-mail you entered, in which you are prompted to enter your password. Since in this case we have problems connecting to Office 365, we click on “Forgot my password”.
  • This will take you to a screen where you will see “Recover your account”. You will need to enter your email account. After entering it, click “Next”.
  • You will now be redirected to a window where you have three options: Send an email to the other email address you provided, or send a message to your phone number, or if you check the last box, indicate that you no longer have this information: Once you have selected the option you want, click “Next”.
  • For example, if you choose to retrieve with another e-mail that you specify, the Microsoft team will send you a security code to the e-mail that you specify. When you find this code, type it in the field below and click the “Next” button.
  • You will now be redirected to a window where you will be prompted to select and enter your new password. Select a password that contains upper and lower case letters and at least eight characters. After you have made your selection, click “Next”.

If you followed these steps, you would have recovered your Office 365 e-mail password; you should be aware that different account types may require some additional personal information to recover your password.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365 Online

Office 365 is a very advantageous service for all users, but especially for entrepreneurs, e.g. thanks to the functions of their business accounts:

  1. You have a professional messaging system with common options, i.e. your information and calendar are accessible from different places in the account.
  2. Constant updating of Office Suite applications.
  3. 1 TB shared cloud storage for all file types.
  4. Support for mobile devices.
  5. Free time for Skype calls.
  6. Access almost all work applications from a single location.
  7. Real-time updating of files in the cloud.

It has been proven that the users of this service are very satisfied thanks to these features and more than that, they find that they can work more efficiently and from the place where they feel most comfortable.

However, Microsoft Office 365 is a very useful platform that provides services and utilities to all types of businesses in real time and on an equal footing with other types of services with the same purpose.

So if you want to create and access an account on this student and business application platform, or how to recover your password, don’t hesitate to use the information provided in this article.