SBI Login & Create a User Account [ 2020 ]

The first thing we have to do to login to SBI (State Bank of India) is to create a user account as you must be registered to access the online banking service.

Formerly you had to go to our nearest SBI office to perform this procedure in person, fortunately now you can register online without having to go in person to your bank branch.

sbi credit card login

Is SBI safe?

Logically, SBI is a very safe bank, but this does not mean that private sector banks are unsafe. They operate in the same way as loans and deposits, but it is true that you will see that private sector banks offer many other facilities such as an extensive network of ATMs, aggressive rates on personal loans …

Requisite for SBI online net banking login

In order to register you, a number of conditions must be met, for example:

  1. Those accounts that have 2 holders (joint accounts) will not be able to use this service. In order to be able to register, they will have to go to their branch and request the activation of the service.
  2. The mobile phone number you are going to use must be previously registered with SBI.
  3. You must have at least one active ATM Card.
  4. If you have already applied for the “SBI online banking login” service at your branch, you will not be able to do it again online.

How to SBI net banking online registration

  • The first thing to do is to go to the bank’s official website ( )
  • Once on the main page, click on “New User Registration /Activation
sbi online registration
  • We will open a new page where we will be asked to make sure we have not already ordered the Online Banking Kit at our branch and click again on “OK“.
sbi internet banking registration online
  • In the upper left corner of your screen a new tab will open, in which we will mark the option “New User Registration” and click on “Next“.
  • Now we will access a registration form in which we will have to enter our personal data – SBI account number, CIF number, the five-digit identification code of the branch in which you have the account, country, the mobile phone number with which you registered at the time of account opening, facility required and finally we have to enter the security code we show (Captcha) and click on “Submit”
sbi registration

Note: in the “facility required” option you will have to choose between full transactions right, limited transactions right and view right.

  • If you don’t find your branch code in your book, you can click on “Get Branch name”, enter the state and locality and click on “Submit”.
sbi online banking
  • Once you have checked that all the information you have entered is correct, click on “Submit”.
  • Now SBI will send your mobile phone an access password (OTP), you have to open the email and click on confirm
sbi personal login
  • In the next step we have to select the option “I have my ATM card (Online registration without branch visit)” and click on “Submit”.
sbi life login
  • If everything was done correctly it will show you a username and you will be asked to enter a password, which will be the one we will use to login to SBI, enter the password a second time (to verify it) and click on “Submit”.
sbi personal banking login

After successful registration, the bank advises us to log in to SBI online approximately one hour after registration (depending on the call center).

  • Once we log in, we will be asked to create a new user name (the one you want), we accept the terms and conditions of use of SBI online and click on “Submit”.
  • Now we will be asked to create a new login password and a different password for our profile. We will be asked to select one of the secret questions from the list and answer it, this will help us to lose or forget our password to recover it.
  • All we need to do is click on “Submit” and we will be able to log in to SBI net banking safely.

How to online SBI Login

  • Clic on Continue to login
sbi net banking login first time
  • Enter the username and password with which we registered and click Login
  • Congratulations, you have correctly logged in to SBI.

How to SBI credit card login online

  • Go to www sbi credit card login page, you can also access by copying the following web address into your browser (
  • Click on “New User? Register Now”‘
  • Now enter your SBI credit card number, CVV number, credit card expiration date and birth date and click “Proceed”.
  • Now we will receive in our mobile phone (the number with which we registered to obtain the card) an OTP password valid only once.
  • Once authenticated, we enter all the data of the form of the Prosecution and click on “Proceed”.
  • The bank will now ask us to enter a username and password, re-enter the password a second time and click “Confirm”.
  • The system will register your username and password to use your user account (SBI credit card payment login).
  • We can now use our SBI credit card, go to the website and log in with the username and password you created earlier.

Once you have registered your card you can login to your account “SBI credit card online login” to consult and operate with it. You can see the status of your account, the history of movements, expenses, etc..

You can also book online services such as Encash, Flexipay, Balance transfer and more.

You can change or reset the PIN number of your card, request duplicates, if your card is lost or stolen you can also block it instantly, request a new card, accumulate points and then redeem them, and so on.

* Bonus: Video – How to Registration SBI Net banking online at home